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Spear Phishing Scams Targeting Universities

Updated: 2011-02-06

Universities all over the world, including UC Berkeley, are being targeted in the latest spear phishing scam emails.

Phishing is an illegitimate attempt to trick people to reveal sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card or bank account numbers, by impersonating as someone trustworthy. Spear phishing is a highly targeted type of phishing that may be harder to identify.

This latest round of phishing emails claim to be sent from the university's email administrators, requesting verification of email accounts.

CalMail and SNS have received reports of attempts targeting UC Berkeley. The CalMail team will never ask for your passwords! Never send sensitive information over email; email is not a secure form of communication.

Do not clink on links in emails asking for your passwords. Recent phishing attacks make use of freely available online web-forms. Attackers use data collected from those forms to compromise UC Berkeley accounts.

If you receive an email you are not sure about, forward the email -- don't reply -- to an official email address you know. Forward the email to to reach the CalMail Consulting Team or to to reach System and Network Security.

More Information:

If you have any questions, please contact CalMail consulting or SNS.

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