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CalMail SSL Certificate

On Sunday, October 11, 2009, at 10pm PDT, CalMail will switch to using a new SSL certificate as part of the standard SSL certificate renewal process.

The majority of web browsers and email clients will have no issues with the replacement of CalMail's SSL certificate.

In some cases, Eudora may prompt you to install the new CalMail SSL certificate after it has been put into production on October 11. Please see Knowledge Base #2015 for more information.

Custom applications which require verification of the CalMail SSL certificate, and do not have knowledge of VeriSign's root certificates and cannot process a certificate chain, will need to manually install the new CalMail certificate.

The new certificate, issued by VeriSign, is signed by an intermediate VeriSign CA. The intermediate CA is signed by VeriSign's Class 3 Primary CA - G2 root certificate.

If you have any questions, please contact CalMail consult.

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